A Production:

“I’ve always worked better in solitude and according to my own impressions”

Claude Monet
Claude Monet
The Show

Monet Experience

Monet Experience and the Impressionists is a sensorial immersion inside the masterpieces of the painter who better than anyone taught us to look at and represent, en plein air, the beauty of nature, described in the unique moment of its revelation.

Like no other artist before or after him, Monet was able to capture the miracle of the perfect harmonization between representation and reality, light and colour, movement and stillness, nature and artist. Crossmedia Group’s production is a virtual itinerary of images and enveloping sounds that supports the emotional spell evoked by the works of the great painter and of the most relevant figures of Impressionism. A democratic journey towards the totality of art, available for everyone, to be lived fully through the contemporary digital language, intensifying the originality of a creative story punctuated by the throbbing beat of the music.

A string of frameless paintings, life scenes and timeless landscapes to be appreciated seamlessly inside an experiential context, both in their totality and their tiniest details.